Panasonic Specialists

We are very well known within the air conditioning industry as Panasonic specialists.

We are fully trained and authorised to supply and support the entire range of Panasonic Heating and Cooling systems whether it is Air to Water, RAC and PACi split and multisplit systems or ECOi and ECOG VRF systems. We can also provide training for all of these products and our pre and post sales support for all of these is widely regarded as second to none.

In addition to the above we are fully conversant with and fully trained on both Panasonic and Sanyo legacy products. In particular we are very familiar with the various generations of Urban Split and Urban Multi products, older RAC, LRAC, FS and FS Multi systems and can provide technical and spares support on all of these using our own in house resources.

We are proud to be associated with what we see as the premier air conditioning brand available today in the UK. With a huge range of attractive, ultra reliable, well built and technically advanced systems and a massively recognised brand with a long history we can justifiably say that

Nobody ever has to apologise for fitting Panasonic