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Climatemaster make products that are all in one packages needing no on site refrigerant pipe work. The collect heat from and reject it to water rather than air. This makes them very suitable for large buildings where it would be unfeasible to mount conventional air conditioning systems.

They are also suitable for replacement of existing Versatemp or similar water cooled systems.

Tower or dry cooler plus boiler application

In this typical installation for an office or shopping centre a number of water source heat pumps are connected together on the same water loop. The cooling tower, or dry cooler, on the roof rejects excess heat and stops the water loop from overheating. A boiler in the basement prevents the water in the loop from getting too cold. But frequently the system will operate with some units in cooling and some in heating and in this case the system operates extremely efficiently as the cooling units put heat back into the water loop to replace heat removed by those in heating.

Geothermal Application

Here the system uses the ground almost like a battery, putting heat into the ground when it is primarily in cooling and then removing it again when the system is primarily in heating.

Water Cooled in general

A typical feature of large buildings is that units on the perimeter often require heating while the units in the centre need cooling. Another common feature is for the side of the building where the sun is shining needs cooling while the other needs heating. A VRF system, even a modern 3 pipe multi outdoor one, will struggle with the pipe separations involved to take much advantage of this potential for heat recovery. But a water loop with individual terminal units can take maximum advantage of the heat recovery.

Console Units

Many offices use console units mounted around the perimeter, either in their own casings or as chassis units in the customers own casing. They fit neatly below the windows and are compact and easy to service.

Horizontal Units

A Climatemaster horizontal unit will fit out of the way in a ceiling void. Popular in offices and retail premises or anywhere with a ceiling void.

Vertical Units

Climatemaster vertical units are ideal for plant rooms and also 'back of house' in retail premises. They are also ideal for fitting into a sea freight container for use on board a ship.


We have a wide range of controls available and can also interface easily with Modbus and Bacnet control protocols.

Water to Water

Water to water systems produce hot or chilled water for use with under floor heating, fan coils or hot water heating and use water as a heat source (or to reject the heat to in cooling applications)

These systems are ideal for geothermal applications or for use in shops with access to a water loop.

We have not been able to justify the cost of MCS certification for these units and so they would not qualify for the domestic RHI scheme but the larger models should qualify for the commercial RHI.